Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Good grief! Graduates!

You can always count on Scandinavians for a good ol' bit of conceptial folksy nuttiness. Anne Sofie Madsen has just graduated from the Danish Design School. Its not the end product that I'm loving, but the transition from sketch to product.

Anyway, here's her press release...

In traditional Maori art the most dominant, mythical motif is the “avianised man” or “bird-woman”. The most important visual art forms are plaiting, relief carving and tattoo.
My idea in this collection was to combine (and confront) this with classic, European clothing - in order to express the contrasts and borders between what we see as primitive/civilianized, exotic/classic and barbaric/elegant.
My idea was not to create bird suits or folk costumes and I decided not to use feathers in the garments and to “translate” the traditional materials of the Maori. I used shoelaces instead of flax strips and exchanged tattooed skin with leather applied on invisible tulle.

Things I've been liking of late...

I have no idea who did this...

Jim Hodges' installation work. ( I want someone to make me a necklace that looks like the web, open to offers...)

Katie Grinnans' installation work. Im obsessed. She really needs to get herself over here and show in London. Folksy, esoteric, loveliness.

Again, I have no idea who did this. ( I really must begin putting things in folders whilst im researching...)

Anyway, the sun is shining for once, and I'm going for a beer. Delicious.

Ryan McGinley for Missoni

Kinda fuckin' cool.