Friday, 16 October 2009

Sort Of Coal

Aren't the Japanese clever? Who else would think to purify nasty London air, water and indeed your fridge with COAL! Coal I tell you! Apparently its white coal, but it looks pretty black to me...

Anyway, some people thought it would be a good idea to sell it in raw form (looks awesome) for ridiculous sums of money. You can even buy coal jewellery (looks like hippy shit), to purify your soul or something. Whatever.

I kinda want this: (I'm a sucker)

Though I am a little sceptical I must admit, this being the nearest to a scientific explaination that they seem to be offering up:

The purifying ability of White Charcoal is a natural phenomenon known and used in Japan for several centuries.The concept of White Charcoal products is both holistic and scientific. Sort of Coal is proud to introduce White Charcoal designed for purifying water, air and the body
- enriching the daily life.

Whatevs. Looks pretty.

If you're retarded like me and actually wanna buy this crap, you can do that here.

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